Sharmin Mukerjea, Chairperson

img-charpersSharmin Mukerjea, Chairperson of Jaidip Mukerjea Tennis Academy (JMTA) who is promoting Tennis to newer heights in West Bengal and beyond with her husband Jaidip Mukerjea, the iconic tennis star. Besides her passion for tennis, Sharmin is also a documentary film maker and an avid photographer.

She has been around the world and excelled in different professions. She has been a renowned fashion designer & documentary film maker, and now she is the Chairperson of the Jaidip Mukerjea Tennis Academy. She has keen interest for the game, possesses excellent administrative skills and a great positive attitude.

Sharmin is well known for her ‘9-5’ collection for the Indian women. She has worked with models like Sushmita Sen and Anupama Verma.

Her passion for creativity has many a time been seen through her lens.